Littmann Classic II vs. III Veterinary Stethoscopes

This is our comparison of Littmann Classic II vs. III veterinary stethoscopes.

As a veterinarian, you need to make quick and accurate decisions. You also want the best tools for your patients and yourself.

The Littmann Classic II and Littmann Classic III stethoscopes are two of the most popular professional medical devices on the market today. Both come from one of the leading brands in healthcare equipment, but some differences between them could affect how they fit into your practice’s needs or budget.

Here we will dive into each model and explain when you need an upgrade from the old version and when you don’t need to spend extra money on something better because it’s not worth it or only marginally better than its predecessor.

At a Glance: Littmann Classic II

The Littmann Classic II S.E. is one of the most popular veterinary stethoscopes in the market, and with good reason!

This device is among Littmann’s best sellers because it can be used by both medical professionals and patients to get a great sense of sound clarity with all kinds of diagnostic tests—from EKG results to listening to heart sounds from outside your body or taking someone’s pulse rate.

This introductory veterinary stethoscope is perfect to start your knowledge of health and medicine.

It features an open bell on one side, which primarily detects low frequencies but can also be tuned to detect higher frequency sounds depending on how hard you press your ear against it.

This helps make up for its lack of a pediatric side like other models offer by allowing two distinct tones at once when worn over each shoulder and pressed towards either temple or mouth (depending on if the input was written from right-to-left).

To sum up, if you’re working with small animals in your professional practice, a pediatric stethoscope is the best option. We recommend 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope. But if you prefer an in-ear model, try out the 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope.

Customer Reviews

One customer says the price might be higher than other models she’s bought before, but it’s worth all that money because she finds this product to work exceptionally well for her needs—so much better than any others in its range.

However, a few customers have raised concerns about the sound quality. They say that you can’t hear anything with some stethoscopes, and weird noises are coming through—like muffles or squeaks. Other reviewers have complained that their diaphragms fell off after only one use.

Reasonably priced
Soft-sealing ear tips for comfort and acoustic performance 
Lacks the ultra-high frequency acoustics found in cardiology models
Not very fancy

At a Glance: Littmann Classic III

The Littmann Classic III is the epitome of a veterinary stethoscope for budding doctors. If you are searching for quality sound and an iconic look, be sure to get your hands on this item. It’s a simple, stripped-down stethoscope with no fancy bells and whistles.

This Littmann veterinary stethoscope is not as sleek or sophisticated as the other models. Still, it works just fine for most medical professionals who need quick access to their patients’ heart rates, with none of those confusing buttons getting in the way.

This high-quality medical device has the power to provide users with precise acoustic performance in every area—low ranges, lung tones, and higher frequency sounds.

The all-metal components are uniquely designed to create the most durable veterinary stethoscope yet. It folds down easily for safe handling during patient care.

This product is prestigious because of its sterling silver chest piece and dual lumen tubing that allows you to hear a sound from either side of the eardrum—a definite advantage over human cardiologists who use the single-sided traditional stethoscope.

Whether you’re a cardiologist, vet tech, or even an animal owner who needs to know more about your pup’s heart health (or just make sure all those tweets about how much they ate while you were at work weren’t really that bad), this is the gear for you.

Customer Reviews

This veterinary stethoscope is the perfect balance of weight and sound quality, according to reviewers. They are impressed with its acoustic sensitivity, making it an excellent tool for veterinarians who work in loud environments or need a more discreet earpiece because they have hearing problems.

High-quality entry into the medical field
It’s durable and offers excellent sound quality
A classic design that will never go out of style
Sticky tubing

Littmann Classic II vs. III Comparison

Without breaking down the differences, let’s give you a breakdown of the similarities of these two models of Littmann veterinary stethoscopes.

The Littmann Classic II and III have diaphragms that offer excellent acoustic quality (it doesn’t depend on breath sounds). They both come with a non-chill sleeve for versatility against skin types in different settings and require little maintenance.

Both models come with the same ear tubes. There’s no difference between the two, as you will get a headset that comes equipped with soft-healing ear tips made from black rubber. This allows excellent sound quality while also providing an acoustic seal for different ears–which means exceptional comfort is guaranteed all around.

The Littmann Classic II and III are both made with a type of resilient tubing with excellent flexibility and shape-recording capability, making them perfect for any environment—whether you’re on your feet all day or at home.

Littmann Classic II vs. III Stand Out Features


The cost of a stethoscope may not be what makes someone successful, but it makes them look more professional. The Littmann Classic III is a high-end model that costs much more than the less costly Lightweight SE. However, there are some benefits to having an expensive piece like this one.

For example, its intricate design can help doctors hear specific sounds better in certain situations, and you won’t have any trouble fitting your earbuds into the tubing so you can listen without disturbing anyone else on rounds with these things either.


The Littmann Classic II is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The Littmann Classic III features a steel shaft that provides excellent acoustic response for more critical situations like cardiac arrest or chest pain.


If you’re looking for a stethoscope that’s lightweight and easy to carry around, the Littmann Classic II is your best bet. It weighs just 1.4 ounces. The Littmann Classic III weighs 2.1 ounces—making it heavier than its counterpart but also more durable and robust.


The Littmann Classic III is a splendid choice for people looking for their first veterinary stethoscope. It is loud and clear with only one tube. The Lightweight II S.E. may not be as loud or high quality, but it is cheaper than the other one, so it makes up for some of that loss in sound quality.


The Littmann Classic II offers a traditional style and has a single-sided chest piece with an open bell that amplifies low-frequency sounds such as heart rate and breath sounds. The Littmann Classic III offers double-sided chest pieces with tunable diaphragms to amplify higher frequencies like lung sounds and bowel sounds.

Tubing Length

The Littmann Classic II is 28 inches long. The Littmann Lightweight III is 27 inches, but they are close to the same length. That one inch can make a big difference in how heavy it feels and how easy it is to use for people who are on their feet all day.

Tubing Texture

The Littmann Classic III feels a little sticky when you put it on your neck. Your hair gets stuck to the surface of it and makes some strands feel prickly against your skin. The lightweight one is smooth but still has that same soft touch, so you can wear it around your neck without those icky hairs getting in the way.

Spare Kit

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope has two distinct sets of earpieces. It also comes with a U

user manual. The Littman Lightweight II S.E is also good because it is not as bulky when you are on the go and only needs one set of earpieces—but it does not have extras in case something goes wrong during your examination session.


The Littmann Classic III warranty is five years, and the Lightweight II is two years. So if a manufacturing defect happens during that time frame, you’ll get it fixed for free.

Littmann Classic II vs. III: The Ultimate Winner

The Littman III is the best stethoscope for veterinarians than the popular and well-known Littmann II.

The design of this model has been improved, with additional features that offer many benefits to both professionals in this field and their patients.

For example, one significant improvement involves an extra tube on these models, which allows you to get your elbow closer to whatever it is you’re listening to without actually having sore ears from being too close.

Another outstanding feature includes tunable diaphragms, so there’s no guesswork involved in finding what frequency range sounds best; they all sound equally good because they can be tuned precisely where desired before use.

It comes equipped with two sets of diaphragms—one for pediatric animals and another built to handle the stronger lungs of large mammals.

The set includes a single-sided chest piece 18 inches in length constructed from unbreakable stainless steel. It also features an alligator clip attachment which enables veterinarians to listen through clothing or blankets when examining patients.

Which Littmann Veterinary Stethoscope is Right for You?

The answer to that question depends on your intended veterinary stethoscope use.

If you’re a veterinarian mainly working with large animals, then the 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope would be an excellent choice because it’s more durable and resistant to water damage than its smaller counterpart. The seal on this model is made of silicone instead of latex for easier cleaning when fluids are involved.

And if you work with most small animals as well, then maybe the Littmann Classic III may fit better into your life since it has the same acoustic quality as larger ones but won’t weigh you down. This one folds in half to save space which can come in handy if you need to carry yours around with other equipment where space might be limited or unavailable.

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