Veterinary Stethoscope Tags

Veterinarians and vet techs really love their stethoscopes and they go together like peas and carrots. Every individual is unique in terms of character and lifestyle. There are also many different styles of stethoscopes you can buy, and personalize. You can use interesting and unique stethoscope tags, charms, and other accessories. Let’s check out some stethoscope decorations you can get for yourself or a friend, a colleague, or a family member involved in veterinary medicine.

List of products

Heart Tracing Paw Print Stethoscope Tag

This customizable stethoscope tag is cute and practical, especially recommended for vet girls. You can opt for a stethoscope tag with a charm or without. Silver, black and white combinations of colors make it quite elegant to carry.

Stethoscope with Dog and Cat on Top Tag

The engraving of a dog and cat on top of a heart-shaped stethoscope is simply beautiful. The product is of good quality and can be ordered with or without a charm. It’s great for vets and vet techs working in small-animal practices.

Vet Tech Stethoscope Tag

The words ‘Vet Tech’ engraved in a heart-shaped stethoscope tube is a brilliant gift idea for someone working in the vet field. The tag can also be used for keys, scissors, or anything else that might be easily lost.

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